July 2022 Car of the Month

Member/Owner: Ricky Rittenberry

Pickens Freedom Cruisers has chosen Ricky Rittenberry’s 1964 Falcon Spirit as our July-August, 2022 Car of the Month.
Ricky is a proud Member of Pickens Freedom Cruisers and he comes to every cruise in with his Grandson Brody Buckner who is also a Member and Granddaughter Lexi Buckner. This is a Family affair for these great folks and just what we love about this club!

Ricky, better known to us as Papa Rick rescued this classic from Cleveland Georgia and brought it home to completely re-do it with the help of his Grandson Brody Buckner. The re-do took a full year to complete and we can all tell that Papa Rick and Brody loved every minute of it. Shout out to Josh Goble that painted this classic and Frontline Interior that made the interior perfect. Lost the pics of the interior and front of this car to the heat but, believe us when we say, it’s amazing.

Thanks Papa Rick for sharing this classic with our Community!

June 2022 Car of the Month

Member/Owner: Herman Painter

This 1953 Ford F100 is owned by Pickens Resident Herman Painter. We are proud to have Herman as a member of our Car Club and we always love seeing this great truck at the cruise ins and around town.

Congrats to Herman for being our Car of the Month and thanks for sharing this amazing vehicle with us.

May 2022 Car of the Month

Member/Owner: Horace Walker

We are pleased to have Horace Walker as a Member of the Pickens Freedom Cruisers. Horace owns our newest “Car of the Month” and here’s the story behind this truck: Horace purchased this 1949 Ford F1 over 4 years ago and it came to him completely apart. After 3 years of his hard work and knowledge he put together this vehicle with a 2004 Crown Vic front and rear end, Mustang power rack steering a 350-crate motor, S10 braking system and a 700 R4 transmission. Paint for this beauty was done by Terry Hames in Tate Ga.

We are proud to highlight this vehicle as our Car of the Month and appreciate the hard work and dedication Horace put into this truck and for sharing it with our car club community.

April 2022 Car of the Month

Member/Owners:Ken and Jane Tenedini

Pickens Freedom Cruisers has chosen Ken and Jane Tenedini’s 1929 Nash as it’s April 2022 Car of the Month.
This 1929 Nash model 440 powered by a Chevrolet 4.3 Liter fuel injected V6, 700R4 transmission, S10 rear, four-wheel disk brakes along with the usual good stuff such as power windows, door locks, power seats, etc. This Nash was used in the Lifetime Movie “Ring of Fire”, as it appears to look original. Lots of wood is under her metal skin, as internal structure was made by Seaman Corporation, known for stage-coaches and wooden phone booths. A fun car to work on and certainly drive.

Thanks Ken and Jane Tenedini for being a part of the Pickens Freedom Cruisers and sharing this great vehicle with everyone.


October/ November 2021 Car of the Month

Member/Owner: Harold Hensley

Harold Hensley’s 1934 Ford 2 Door Sedan has a Chevy running gear with beautiful Leather interior and a Pewter Grey body color. This classic was painted by Chris and Tracy Hensley and upholstered by Sanford Fountain. It’s always a pleasure to see Harold’s car at The cruise ins and other events around the area.

Thanks Harold for allowing us to spotlight this Amazing classic car.

September/October 2021 Car of the Month

Member/Owner: Ed & Cindy Cantrell
Since Anthony Jones’ car was “car of the month” for August/September he chose the car of them month for September/October and his choice was:

Ed & Cindy Cantrell’s 1962 Dodge Townwagon:
Ed purchased this unique vehicle back in 1971 which makes 2021 his 50th year owning it. This was the vehicle that he owned when he and Cindy met back in 1975 and it’s been a part of the Family for all of these years. About 8 years ago Cindy finally talked Ed into restoring the truck and he took it to Chris and Tracy Hensley to get it done. There weren’t many days that Ed wasn’t there to help with the restoration process and I’m pretty sure Chris and Tracy didn’t mind having him there. We’ve taken this truck to many cruise ins and car shows over the last several years and it’s always a car fan favorite. A picture of the truck from 1979 which is the oldest one I could find and one from the last cruise in. The next time you see us at a cruise in, stop and check out our Dodge.

Thanks Anthony for choosing our vehicle for car of the month!

August/September 2021 Car of the Month

Member/Owner: Anthony Jones
We are proud to have Anthony Jones as a member of Pickens Freedom Cruisers and his 1969 Chevelle has been chosen as our August/September 2021 car of the month.

A little background:
Anthony owned a 1962 Chevy Impala back in his high school days and later in life acquired a new one. After having that 1962 Chevy Impala restored twice he just wasn’t happy with the car so it sat untouched for about 7 years. One day a friend called and asked if Anthony and his brother Toby would be interested in a trade for a 1969 Chevelle. Anthony and his brother Toby traded a 66 Chevelle and a 56 Nomad that they each owned half of for that 1969 Chevelle. As it turned out, Anthony loved that Chevelle, bought out Toby’s half and kept the car for himself. After all those years, Anthony ended up with the car he is happy with and we are always glad to see that 1969 Chevelle at our monthly cruise ins. Thanks for being part of the club Anthony!

Come see all of the cars at the Pickens Freedom Cruisers Cruise in’s the 4th Saturday of every month through October!

July/August 2021 Car of the Month

Member/Owner: Toby Jones
This month Pickens Freedom Cruisers has chosen the 1963 Chevy Impala owned by Toby Jones as our car of the month.

The Story of the 1963 Chevy Impala owned by Toby Jones
When I was 17, I worked all summer, saved my money, and bought a 1963 Chevy impala for $400 dollars. I drove it to school my senior year until the motor went south on me. I loved that car, but it ended up getting stolen.
I always told myself, as soon as I could afford one, I would have another one. So, about 16 year ago I had the chance to buy this car, and over time had it painted the same color as my first one, then had an “old school” drag racer build the 409 engine that is in it now. With all the changes I’ve made to her, it took about 5 years to get the car like I wanted it.
that’s about the long and short of the 63’s story, and thanks again for the privilege of being car of the month. tlj

June/July 2021 Car of the Month

Member/Owner: Brody Buckner
This month Pickens Freedom Cruisers has chosen Brody Buckner’s 1963 ½ Ford Falcon Spirit as our car of the month.

Brody is an active member of the club and has been a willing volunteer to help us out where needed. Brody is currently our
“sign keeper” putting signs out for cruise in’s and storing them during the month. Thanks for that Brody.

The 1963 ½ Ford Falcon Spirit story:
My Pop (Ricky Rittenberry) and I found this great Falcon Spirit through a family member who knew we already owned another and liked these models so much. The interior in this car was completely stripped, except for the headliner and the car was in need of a paint job. Mechanically the car was all there, so, we cleaned the car up and drove it around as is for a couple of months before we ever started on any restoration. Pop took the car to Michael Vick to be painted and once the paint job was done we took the car straight to Finish Line Interiors to get the interior done. So, after a new paint job, interior and a new set of wheels the car was finally ready and we have been taking it to the local car shows ever since.

This is a great story of families that play together, stay together. Thanks Brody and Pop for being part of our club. The Buckner Family all join Brody and Pop at the cruise ins and we love having them there.