We will feature a car of the month starting in 2021. Members of the club will vote at the meeting each month for the car to be featured. Once a car has been featured it cannot qualify again for a 12 month period.

September/October 2021 Car of the Month

Member/Owner: Ed & Cindy Cantrell

Since Anthony Jones’ car was “car of the month” for August/September he chose the car of them month for September/October and his choice was:

Ed & Cindy Cantrell’s 1962 Dodge Townwagon:
Ed purchased this unique vehicle back in 1971 which makes 2021 his 50th year owning it. This was the vehicle that he owned when he and Cindy met back in 1975 and it’s been a part of the Family for all of these years. About 8 years ago Cindy finally talked Ed into restoring the truck and he took it to Chris and Tracy Hensley to get it done. There weren’t many days that Ed wasn’t there to help with the restoration process and I’m pretty sure Chris and Tracy didn’t mind having him there. We’ve taken this truck to many cruise ins and car shows over the last several years and it’s always a car fan favorite. A picture of the truck from 1979 which is the oldest one I could find and one from the last cruise in. The next time you see us at a cruise in, stop and check out our Dodge.

Thanks Anthony for choosing our vehicle for car of the month!

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